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Migrating to the United States is, for many young men, a rite of passage in Guatemala, a journey imbued with cultural merit stretching beyond mere economics. One 17-year-old immigrant from Totonicapán shared with me that it wasn’t even his decision to come to the United States. His father sat him down one day and bluntly told him it was time—it was his turn to travel to the United States and do as his father had done. Women placed flowers and wrote the names of victims of violence on a fence set at the presidential palace in Mexico City.

  • The Angélica Fuentes Foundation and Girl Up together put forth an initiative to change the legal age of marriage in Guatemala from 14 to 18.
  • According to an expert witness in the the Sepur Zarco trial, Juan Carlos Peláez Villalobos, the military was called in and the indigenous peasant farmers were denounced as “subversives”.
  • I always believed this was what brothers did, until I told my mother.
  • After years of violence, dictatorship, and conflict, Guatemala’s public institutions are ineffective, including its justice system.

The HIV epidemic is considered to be concentrated in Guatemala; women represent 38% of the adults living with HIV. The prevalence is expected to rise 0.89% in 2015, the majority of which will be girls years and adolescents 15-24.

We didn’t go to the Sepur military base by choice…they forced us. I had to leave my children under a tree to go and cook for the military… and…” Maria Ba Caal leaves that sentence unfinished. Following a brief restoration of civilian rule under President César Méndez, military-backed Carlos Arana is elected as President. Violence against guerilla groups and indigenous communities escalate. A military coup led by Colonel Carlos Castillo Armas ousts the democratically elected President, Jacobo Arbenz. Castillo reverses land reforms that benefited poor farmers and removes voting rights for illiterate Guatemalans for years to come. There are now femicide tribunals in 11 of the country’s 22 departments or provinces where the judges and police officers receive gender crime training.

Founded by five female community leaders in 2001, it now counts more than 400 women from 65 communities as members. Few of these interventions have been tested in Latin America and none in indigenous populations. We addressed this knowledge gap for a population at special disadvantage of maternal mental health disorders through the co-design of a culturally safe perinatal group psychosocial intervention compatible with indigenous traditions – Women’s Circles. While Spain may be unable to extradite the accused, international arrest warrants at least prevent them leaving Guatemala. Pressure from Madrid has forced Guatemalan courts to start trying human rights cases from the war. In the meantime, the courage of these women, who face rejection for speaking the truth, will help others who suffer rape as a weapon of war to become more visible. Economic Empowerment, this component continues support of the development of policies that will promote economic and labor rights of women.

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Within all of the groups that struggle for the interests of the great majority of oppressed people, there are remnants of typical bourgeois machismo, and there, fundamentally, the revolutionary woman has a well defined task. These particular cases have to be eliminated through study, dialogue, criticism and self-criticism. He would notice that other fathers would bring their little children home from school. “Because he was bad with us, because of that, I only love you,” the child would say to me. My ex-boyfriend had married another girl and he wanted to keep me as his lover. He only arrived to see his child when he was drunkand never even brought him candy.

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Since 2015, Carmen has delivered capacity building workshops for Mujerave’s Community-Based Education Program. This gives Carmen a platform and a safe space to lead conversations and facilitate women-to-women indigenous knowledge sharing.

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For many Guatemalan women, mere survival has become a challenge. At just 25, she began working at the Guatemalan department of public prosecution. Her main task as a criminologist was to take photographs of victims of violence and the scenes where it had taken place.

“Society puts the rape and torture of woman on a par with stealing cattle or burning crops. This must change, and these women have to stop being invisible.” The family of a young Guatemalan woman believed to be among 19 victims of a massacre in northern Mexico is urging the Mexican government to bring those responsible to justice. Maya communities were first displaced by Spanish colonisation starting in the 16th century, and then displaced again in the mid-to-late 19th and early 20th century. Guatemalan ladies Keen to attract foreign investment, the Guatemalan government encouraged European settlers to establish plantations on land expropriated from Maya communities and the Catholic Church. To this day, many Maya people do not have title to the land they live on, much of which is dominated by plantations growing coffee, sugar, bananas and palms for oil. And yet, two years later, the Guatemalan government has not carried out most of the collective reparations measures ordered by the court.

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A group rather than individual-focused intervention emerged as the delivery method of choice in our setting, contributing to the accruing evidence from LMICs that group interventions can be effective in improving maternal mental health . Popular education and arts-based methods emerged as particularly powerful tools to facilitate women’s engagement with the stresses present in their daily lives and explorations of a better future. The intervention seems to have also increased maternal wellbeing, self-efficacy and engagement in early infant stimulation activities; it also had a clustered reduction on psychosocial distress. One periurban community and both its leaders and participants dropped out prior to randomisation due to local women’s time constraints related to employment, resulting in a final sample size of 155 women in seven communities, and 14 circle leaders. Campaigning lawyer Almudena Bernabeu, of the US-based Center of Justice and Accountability, says rape, mutilation, sexual slavery and the killing of foetuses were all part of a plan to eliminate the Mayan people. “Gender violence has been used as a weapon to eliminate ethnic groups, and that’s genocide,” she says. The army and the members of the paramilitary “civil self-defence patrols” tortured the women they didn’t kill in order to stigmatise them.